HyperVerge Video KYC Solution

HyperVerge Video KYC

Onboard users remotely with very high confidence over video with or without assistance from an agent, and stay compliant.

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HyperVerge Video KYC

Modes of Video KYC

Two Modes, One Outcome

An efficient alternative to in-person authentication compliant with global regulatory standards

Self Verification
Self Verification
Users can record their videos and go through the entire identity verification flow on their own with complete integrity.
Agent Assisted Verification
Agents are present in real-time throughout the verification process to aid users & ensure integrity.
Agent Assisted verification
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Some Exciting Stats For Our Customers

reduced drop-off rate
Avg call duration
1.5 mins
agent calls
80 per day
Straightthrough processing

Schedule meetings easily through any channel

Initiate our Video KYC solution across any channel, cover all possible customer touchpoints without any hassle.
Easy video kyc solution

Sophisticated AI, to increase agent performance

Our AI, which is engineered for conversion and optimised for productivity, extracts information and auto-populates, increasing agent productivity allowing them to conduct more calls throughout the day.

Customizable steps that can be modified for your product

Workflow configuration and modification has never been this easy! Edit and change your wokflow effortlessly, in a way that suits you the best.
Customizable workflow

Customer Stories

Learn how we supercharge businesses!

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Frequently asked Questions

How long does the go-live process take while using HyperVerge's online video KYC service?

The go-live process for video KYC solution takes 5 days to complete

How can HyperVerge's video KYC solution help in optimizing the incoming video call requests at peak times?

HyperVerge has a traffic management engine which is responsible to manage traffic in the flow. In cases where the customer inflow is greater than the number of calls that can be catered to with the current agent capacity, then the customer is nudged towards scheduling the call and not added in the live queue.

While using the video KYC solution, if a customer drops off due to internet issues, is there a way to reconnect and resume with the process?

In case of drop off while using HyperVerge's video KYC solution, the following steps can be taken to reconnect and resume with the process:
1. Customer Drop Off:
a. In case a customer drops off from the call, the agent is shown a pop up where he can choose to either end the call or wait for the customer to join back.
b. If the agent waits for the customer, then he can also trigger notifications to the customer to join back again.
c. If the agent ends the call however, the customer can still come back on the same link and be a part of the waiting queue to be served again (maybe by the same or some other agent).
2. Agent Drop Off:
a. In case an agent drops off from the call, the customer is shown a pop up where he can choose to either end the call or wait for the agent to join back.
b. If the customer waits for the agent, then the customer would be served as soon as the agent is back again.
c. If the customer ends the call then he can join the queue again using the same link to be served by other available agents

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