ID Verification at scale

Onboard everyone, but not just anyone

Ensure customers are who they claim to be instantly, with our end-to-end identity verification platform across 195+ countries.

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Why HyperVerge

Reduce drop offs while onboarding customers

Our single image passive liveness technology, works even on very low-bandwidths, on low-end devices and ensures smooth customer onboardings.
Automation rate
Unique phone models
<60 sec
Avg time to complete
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Our NAtive AI

Highly accurate AI models powering seamless onboardings

Our proprietary AI models are engineered to work in real time even in low bandwidth environments, on low-end devices and enable us to innovate fast, add custom AI checks as new needs are identified

When did making users do more work become acceptable?

Our single image passive liveness technology enables you to convert more users by improving CX and verifying liveness with just a selfie and without any complex gestures or videos.

AI that works for all races, ages and genders

Our models have been trained extensively on diverse facial variations and therefore produces highly accurate results regardless of race, age and gender.

Ensure images meet standards

Our AI models are engineered to ensure all compliance standards are met and you get the photos with all the checks you need.
Certifications we have
Ibeta Logo
1 out of 3 companies globally to be certified for passive single image liveness
NIST logo
Ranked in the top 10 globally for Facial Recognition algorithms
Image of a man showing features of face detection
Image of a ID card detection

Our evolving AI stops rising
ID frauds

Fraudsters are getting very innovative with ID frauds. Our AI-powered solutions defend you against various types of fraudulent activities.

global central databases

Connect to Databases Easily!

Connect to multiple databases around the world and expand your business globally in a hassle-free manner!

global central databases

How do we stand out?

We provide our customers with a complete, end-to-end solution which can instantly verify identities across the globe.

Technical Capability
In-house AI tech vs 3rd party partners
Proprietary AI technology which gives us the ability to innovate fast and add custom AI checks as new needs are identified
Use 3rd party AI technology that bottlenecks the process of innovation and adding custom checks
Liveness Checks
Single image passive liveness vs active liveness
Single image passive liveness makes the onboading process frictionless and is done in a matter of seconds
Use active liveness checks which increases the time taken for the onboarding process, gives bad user experience
Conversion Rate
90+% conversion rate
60-70% conversion rate
Time taken
3 Seconds
10+ Seconds
Works on all devices
Works only on high-end devices
Works even on 2G bandwidth
Can only be used with higher upload bandwidths
AI Superiority
HyperVerge is 1 out of only 3 companies globally to have passive single image liveness that is iBeta Certified for ISO 30107
NIST Rankings
HV is above all competitors who have published on the NIST FRVT leaderboard. We are ranked among the top 5 globally.


Integrate With Your Product's UI Effortlessly!

no-code workflow

Customize and build your own workflow

Workflow configuration and modification has never been this easy! Edit and change your wokflow effortlessly, in a way that suits your product the best.

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