Biometric verification

HV Authentication

Authenticate repeat users & transactions instantly. Deliver a better customer experience while preventing frauds.

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Some Exciting Stats For Our Customers

reduced drop-off rate
increase in frauds caught
Authentication speed
0.2 sec
Straightthrough processing

product Features

Customer Convenience First. And Second. And Third.


World’s Best Liveness Check!

With our leading AI technology, a simple selfie can be used to detect liveness. No need of any complex gestures or actions, making the user’s experience much smoother.
Devoid of bias

AI that works for all races, ages and genders!

Our models have been trained extensively on diverse facial variations and therefore produces highly accurate results regardless of race, age and gender.
We are Certified!
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1 out of 3 companies globally to be certified for passive liveness
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Ranked in the top 10 globally for Facial Recognition algorithms
Device compatibility

Accessible Over Any Device!

A user’s device should never be a blocker in the authentication process. Our solution works even with poor camera quality and is compatible with low-end devices.
User friendly

Half-a-Billion Faces Later, Our AI Models Work Like Magic!

Detect and handle facial hair, spectacles, low-lighting conditions, younger photos, caps (& of course capes), etc. with ease using our AI.

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