Customizable KYB Solutions

Our end-to-end business verification services allow you to instantly verify businesses and reduce the risk of exposing your company to financial risks.

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Why you must
Know your Business (KYB)

Reduce risk

Verifying a company before partnering with it can reduce the risk of doing business with an entity that is involved in financial crimes.

Avoid Penalties

Penalties can be incurred for non-compliance with regulations and standards, which also harms the reputation and integrity of the brand


What do we offer?

AML Screening

Stay compliant with AML regulations and reduce the risk of fraud by screening entities for watchlist presence, PEPs etc.

Global Sanctions

Screen entities for country-specific and global sanctions imposed by various organisations.

PEP Check

A politically exposed person (PEP) is one who holds a prominent public position. Check if the person is on the PEP list.

Adverse Media Check

Filter who have been mentioned in the adverse media for money-laundering or fraudulent activities.

KYC Verification for UBOs

Conduct KYC checks for the Ultimate Business Owner (UBO) to ensure compliance and stop fraud.

Business document verification

Perform OCR on GST, Udyam certificate Shops & Establishments, etc to capture business related details.


Central Database Check

Business data is compared to numerous government databases, such as GST, GST from PAN, CIN, DIN, CERSAI and NSDL among others.


How we stand out?

Global Sanctions

Covers 1000+ sanctions, fitness probity and warning watchlists.

Automatic updates

Sanction and PEP Lists gets updated automatically on a daily basis.

Comprehensive Profiles

Entire Risk Data consolidated into a single profile

Zero front-end Bandwidth

Verify businesses in minutes by simply sending them a link.

Low cost & fast integration

We can orchestrate an end-to-end KYB flow for you. No more multiple vendors.

Customisable UI

Integrate with your product's UI theme effortlessly.


Customize and build your own workflow

Configuring and modifying workflows has never been easier! Edit and change your workflow as needed to best suit your product.


How to perform KYB?

Verify Company details
Company name, Status
Date of incorporation
Home company
Type of company
Registered address
Previous name(if any)
UBO Verification
Verify the UBO’s identity through a KYC check
Perform AML screening
Download the official CERSAI records of the company
AML Check
Screen the company for global sanctions, PEPs, watchlist presence, adverse media, etc


Customers love HyperVerge!

Bala Parthasarathy
Bala Parthasarathy
CEO, MoneyTap
"We want to make credit much easier and faster for the larger population and not only the elite few. HyperVerge is a team of very smart people from reputed colleges in India and they have cracked the process of identity verification using Al/ML."
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Testimonial Image
Rachel Nguyen
Director, CIMB Vietnam
"CIMB is proud to be associated with HyperVerge over the past year. We’ve had a phenomenal experience partnering with them for our eKYC journey."
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testimonial image
Krishna Mohan Vedula
VP Payments, MPL
“We were able to reduce the number of cases of cyber crime complaints or chargebacks after we went live with HyperVerge.”
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Testimonial image
Mahima Garg
Chief Risk Officer, Slice
“Even at scale, we’ve never had escalations. Teams have resolved any issues with the HV team seamlessly. This is exactly what we want.”
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Testimonial image
Dhinesh Potnuru
Product Head, IndMoney
"HyperVerge made our lives easier through the whole customer acquisition and activation process. We were achieving high business impact after we built in their solutions where there were previously very high drop-offs for the users."
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Testimonial image
Nikhil Joy
Head of Product, Zest Money
By using HyperVerge's APIs, we cut short the document validation process from 8-10 mins to 10 seconds.
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