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Verify quickly and easily, increase safety and trust, make the onboarding process hassle-free & verify age for alcohol delivery in a stress-free manner.

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Use-Cases In Logistics & eCommetce

Prompt Driver Verification

Verify drivers’ licenses instantly.

Instant Age Verification

Verify age instantly and with ease to ensure compliance with regulations for age-restricted goods.

Reward Good Users

Ensure good behavior from users by identifying bad actors and rewarding good ones.

Agent Fraud Prevention

Protect your company’s reputation by eliminating fraud & preventing fraudulent agents from entering your system.

Face Authentication

Verify agents and delivery executives in an instant using face authentication

Document Verification

Verify documents instantly, in a hassle-free manner.


Customers love HyperVerge!

Bala Parthasarathy
Bala Parthasarathy
CEO, MoneyTap
"We want to make credit much easier and faster for the larger population and not only the elite few. HyperVerge is a team of very smart people from reputed colleges in India and they have cracked the process of identity verification using Al/ML."
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Rachel Nguyen
Director, CIMB Vietnam
"CIMB is proud to be associated with HyperVerge over the past year. We’ve had a phenomenal experience partnering with them for our eKYC journey."
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Krishna Mohan Vedula
VP Payments, MPL
“We were able to reduce the number of cases of cyber crime complaints or chargebacks after we went live with HyperVerge.”
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Testimonial image
Mahima Garg
Chief Risk Officer, Slice
“Even at scale, we’ve never had escalations. Teams have resolved any issues with the HV team seamlessly. This is exactly what we want.”
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Dhinesh Potnuru
Product Head, IndMoney
"HyperVerge made our lives easier through the whole customer acquisition and activation process. We were achieving high business impact after we built in their solutions where there were previously very high drop-offs for the users."
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Testimonial image
Nikhil Joy
Head of Product, Zest Money
By using HyperVerge's APIs, we cut short the document validation process from 8-10 mins to 10 seconds.
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